What color is your aura?
What color is your aura?
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Release Date: 12/9/2011
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What color is your aura?What color is your aura?What color is your aura?
What color is your aura?
More and more studies are showing each day that the aura, or energy field around us, is a fundamental part of our development as individuals. Through it we discover our true inner state, our abilities, our fears and talents. Through the aura we can discover both material and spiritual things. Its color can change depending on our inner current state or a stage of our lives ... this test will help you discover the current color of your aura, and the whole world of possibilities that come to you through it.
Knowing the color of our aura can help us better understand ourselves and seek greater happiness in life. Find out what color is your aura today with this simple test: It's easier than you think!
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