No Mercy
No Mercy
Category: Entertainment
Release Date: 11/15/2011
Version: 1.0
Price: Free + Paid
Size: 18Mb
Rating: 12+
No MercyNo MercyNo Mercy
No Mercy
Do you feel you really need to relieve some stress? Do you feel your anger has no way of escape? NO MERCY is the app for you.
It's very simple: Take or load a picture of someone (or something), and then shoot it, stab it, egg it, kick it, hit it with a shoe, slap it with a fish or smack it with your hand.
Phew! We'll assure you that after it, all your anger will be gone. Plus, you can shave and share your attacking results with your friends. Or your victims!
Have a laugh with your friends while you virtually punch and hit your enemies! Break the ice with strangers by egging that annoying politician you both hate! Fraternize with your colleagues while you slap your horrible boss with a fish! HAVE NO MERCY, for god's sake!

* 23 weapons to use, including pistols, knives, uzis, shotguns, darts, bows, shurikens,screw drivers, nails, eggs, arrows, hammers, smacks, shoes, yoghurt, tennis balls, mustard, cigars, fishes and tomatoes! You can even throw your phone or a burger!
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"No Mercy gets a thumbs up for both design and execution. I even like the artistic design of the menu system. It's a good way of turning personal tragedy into a laugh and possibly even revenge."

"No Mercy is touted as the #1 stress killer for iPhone users, and there’s no argument against that coming from us (the hammer is highly recommended)."

"It`s a great application, very well put together. Easy to use, fun and effective. Definitely check this out." Jerad Hill -

" Congratulations for this wonderfull app. [It is] impeccable with amazing graphics". iPodTouchPro -

"If you’re wanting to take virtual revenge on your boss for no Christmas bonus or if you’d like to slap Brian Kelly for leaving the Bearcats before the bowl game, then No Mercy is a small, no harm way to let your aggressions out."

"No Mercy has awesome graphics. I simply love the bright colors and the different actions that we can perform. Check out how the hand smacks the picture and even leaves an imprint on it."

"No Mercy, an extremely fun antistress application that will certainly cover your needs for fun and relaxation".
What's New
Initial Version
Supported Languages
English, Spanish
System Requirements
Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later

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