Am I unique?
Am I unique?
Category: Entertainment
Release Date: 10/25/2010
Version: 1.0
Price: Free
Size: 6 MB
Rating: 4
Am I unique?Am I unique?Am I unique?Am I unique?
Am I unique?
So yes, you are special. But are you UNIQUE? Have you ever wondered how unique are you among the 6 billion people that live in the world? This is the app to find out.
Through a series of simple questions and with the help of our statistical supercomputers, we will be able to find out how many people do you share characteristics with. Let us know how you are... We will tell you how many more of you are there in the world!
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Supported Languages
English, Spanish, French, German, Italian
System Requirements
Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later

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