Know Yourself
Know Yourself
Category: Entertaiment
Release Date: 8/30/2011
Version: 1.0
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Know YourselfKnow YourselfKnow Yourself
Know Yourself
Did you know that people are born with and develop during their lifetime certain preferred ways of thinking and acting? In the same way that right-handed people find it extremely hard to write with their left hand, most people prefer acting certain way and find it really hard to think using their opposite psychological preferences. This has a direct impact on the way people make decisions and how they understand and interpret new information.

This test evaluates different aspects of psychological thinking in four opposite pairs, or dichotomies, with a resulting 16 possible psychological types. With this test you will discover your basic qualities, a description of your character, the professional careers you would be good at according to your type, a list of famous people that share your character, relationships with other personality tests and statistical data.

Are you ready to find out which personality type do you fall in? Answer this questions and see!
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Compatible with Android 2.1 or later

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